Introducing: Guided by Cereal  

Last Thursday our friends over at Bristol-based Cereal Magazine finally released their newest project to date, Guided by Cereal. The new online travel journal is beautifully influenced by the clean design and monochromatic style you find with Cereal both online and in print, along with thoughtful imagery. The plan for the subscription site is to visit and report back on 10 places each year around the globe. For the first set, they've visited Austin, Charleston, Los Angeles, Manhattan, Vancouver, Bath, Bristol, London, Paris and Hong Kong, with a preview currently available from their London adventure. I highly recommend picking up a copy of Cereal magazine– four volumes strong, as well as checking out Guided.

We, at Cereal magazine, have spent this past year in tireless travel, seeking places that we believe to be unique, interesting, and enjoyable. Our aim is to produce guides that would befit Cereal readers and modern travellers alike, recommending a tightly edited selection of experiences that combine quality, meticulous design with accessibility. If the food is top-notch, so too is the space that accompanies it. And the finely crafted garments, accessories, and homewares that we’ve selected as our favourites, are all affordable luxuries. You’ll soon notice that our version of the perfect trip is weaved in with an understated flair and a penchant for grand landscapes – both natural and manmade.

"We’ve secured GUIDED ambassadors in each city that we’ve covered, to make sure they always keep us in the loop."

Photography by Cereal

Rosa Park & Rich Stapleton

Guided by Cereal
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