Well Worn – Diamond Billfold

Caesy and I were speaking recently about one of the most simple and underrated items I think is within his line– the Diamond Billfold. It's cleverly crafted, folded and stitched from a smooth 10oz Waxed Canvas and available in a great selection of colours. It's a little thinner than a typical leather wallet, but that works fine by me.

This used billfold belongs to one of his good friends, Thomas Bradley, the co-owner of Pizza Friday, which is a small design agency group of folks that he shares his studio space with. Below he shares a little about his process when it comes to creating.

"The Diamond Billfold was introduced in autumn of 2011, after a couple months of experimentation with origami envelopes. It went through many iterations before I settled on the final pattern, requiring a series of slight adjustments to the dimensions of the panel and different combinations of folds.
Like many of our bags and accessories, once I cut a new pattern, the biggest obstacle becomes reducing each element to its most efficient and unembellished state. There are four straight seams that construct the wallet, and nothing decorative or superfluous. For me, this wallet is the perfect marriage of materials and process, as waxed canvas is easily scored, and doesn't require any ironing to hold its form when folding. It's also an extraordinarily comfortable wallet to carry, and takes a very nice patina with age.
It's a very simple piece, but one of my favorites to make and sell."

• Article by Darian Hocking
• Photography by Caesy Oney

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