Caste Projects Pop-Up Shop

"We've officially launched a few products that we've designed, including a sofa/chaise, some hand-felted animals, felt rugs, a perpetual calendar, and a few other things, as well as a collection of products from other designers."

Our friends Caleb and Hanahlie run a small design agency known as Caste, across the pond in Vancouver. For the entire month of August, they've had a Pop-Up Shop + Studio open, where folks can head in, chat with the designers and pick up various handmade and one-of-a-kind pieces for their home. There are a few things I would personally like to pick up, including the Walnut & Cherry Chair and the Perpetual Calendar. I asked Caleb to tell us a little bit about some of the current offerings.

"We designed the shelving. It's temporary shelving, but there seems to be a lot of interest in it as an actual product. It's made from packaging material (which would normally be sent off to the recycling depot), from Molo design. We just thought it would work really nicely with the aesthetic of the shop!"

"The chair in the image is actually made from Walnut and Cherry. Our friend Ben Burnett of Zillion Design made it. He designed the whole thing around the join that he came up with to make it so that the arms could stick straight out with no supports like that. He's a phenomenal woodworker, and has a wonderful studio here in Vancouver."

Lit Crit Daybed
"It's made from solid cherry, and cherry veneered plywood, with brushed denim upholstery. I designed it, and Ben Burnett and I made it together."

The Giant Wool Bear
"My wife made that one. It's 99% wool (the remaining 1% is the wood dowels that run down the middle of the legs)."

The Perpetual Calendar
"I designed and made myself (with the use of a friend's CNC laser cutter)."

The Wool Rug
"My wife made this one too. It's 100% wool, hand felted using a combination of wet-felting, and needle felting techniques. She sourced the wool directly from sheep farmers, and took it directly to cleaners/processors herself. She wants to work with wool from the Navajo Churro sheep, so she's been really specific about where she gets her material."

If any of you folks happen to be in the city this weekend, you should stop in and pay a visit to Caleb, Hanahlie and the rest of the talented designers. They are open until the end of this weekend.

• Location – 196 Kingsway at 10th Ave, Vancouver BC
• Opening Hours – Monday to Saturday 11am-5pm, Sunday 12pm-5pm

• Article by Darian Hocking
• Photography by Caste Projects
• A very Special Thank You to Caleb & Hanahlie of Caste Projects

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