Some/Things Chapter 004

Although SOME/THINGS is technically branded as a magazine intercepting the fields of art, fashion, culture and photography, you would be forgiven for believing it to be a book or otherwise a piece of art in itself. Printed on the highest quality papers, hand bound and finished, each bi-annual edition since it was founded in 2008 has been an exceptional example for the future of print and publications.

Instead of the comparative snippets of information averagely provided in editorials, SOME/THINGS offer an insightful immersion into all of their subject matter, documented over a great many months, including names such as Rick Owens and Yohji Yamamoto. An artistic alliance between SOME/THINGS and a creative; be that an artist, a fashion designer or a photographer, transcends the one article to create an ongoing, collaborative relationship with projects spanning multiple issues.

Chapter 004 entitled The Wings Of A Locust, is the first issue to depart from the usual all black aesthetic, instead moving into white to shine focus onto transparency, light and all things ethereal with a specific focus on architecture and space.

The combination of stunning original photography and enlightening articles alongside thoughtful interviews, presented and packaged in their extremely unique way is a treat to the eye. SOME/THINGS must be one of the most culturally forward thinking magazines around, whilst still managing to remain timeless, and delivering classic content that will still be equally relevant in years to come.

Article by Stephanie Lynn
Photography by Stephanie Lynn


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