Hands On: Viberg Billfold

Last month at Gentlemen's Reserve, our event sponsor was Victoria's very own Viberg Boots. During a conversation I had with Brett Viberg months before, we talked about how he wanted to make something special– a simple piece for attendees to takeaway with no cost, from the Pop-Up Market. The result; this simple billfold which was punched out from a 4oz, Natural Horween Chromexcel Leather hide. I took a few images of my personal billfold, after its quite literally lived in my back pocket, everyday for the last month and a half.

This natural leather has picked up some nice scuffs from daily use. When I wear my Draught Dry Goods brass key carry, my keys tend to fall into the same back pocket that my billfold lives in, which only adds to the marks on the leather. There is some nice burnishing happening along the folds, as well as the edges of the corners when its folded. This piece is soft and supple but extremely strong and holds it shape well. Measuring at 6.5" wide x 3.5" high, (2.5" wide when folded) it comfortably holds a few bank cards, some bills and even a business card or two. Its definitely my new favorite item to carry.

* The Shop will be open for business by early next week. Since I have a few extra billfolds, you may quite possibly be receiving one with your first purchase...

• Article & Photography by Darian Hocking
• Special Thanks to Brett Viberg & Viberg Boots

Viberg Boots

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