Gentlemen's Reserve Nº2 – Southern Field Industries


Name: Southern Field Industries
• They Craft: Canvas Goods
• They are Located: Saitama, Japan
Established: Summer 2008
Founders: Manabu & Keiko Okada

Southern Field Industries will be making their North American debut at Gentlemen's Reserve this weekend and I'm very excited about it. When Manabu and his wife Keiko decided to launch SFI, they knew that at the very core of their brand would be a sharp focus on perfecting the details of hand made leather and canvas goods. Every item is made to order in their tiny work shop and the precision with which they craft each component is on another level. Every hand cut and edged dyed leather washer, every careful waxed stitch in a wallet, and every hand hammered solid brass rivet comes together without fault. In short, they ensure you're happy with their work for years to come.

Southern Field Industries
Gentlemen's Reserve Nº2

• Article by Darian Hocking
• Special Thanks to Manabu & Keiko Okada of Southern Field Industries

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