Hands On: FilMelange  

FilMelange is a label marked by a detailed distinction, inspired by nostalgia, focused on executing an expert level of craft, and difficult to find within North America. Launched in Japan in 2007 by designer and founder Yuhi Ozaki, the brand offers a special yet comfortable interpretation of basics, with the elevation of such materials developed exclusively in house. Known in some circles for certain manufacturing processes, one defining example is the unhurried knitting via rare vintage loop wheel looms, that not only create an entirely different feel but wholly go against the grain of mass production. Socks, scarves, knit caps, sweatpants, shorts, t-shirts, hooded sweatshirts, long sleeve tees— the list is legitimately lengthy in terms of offerings but each item is crafted and released when ready under the watchful eye of Mr. Ozaki and his team. The signature Sunny Pocket Tee and the Byrd 2 Sweatshirt are a couple examples of our favourites.

Upon first encounter of the new melange (white with grey flecks) Sunny Tee you notice the care and attention from the start, unwrapping it from a custom designed string-closure envelope to find a neatly folded present. There's something soothing about putting on a fresh new t-shirt the first time, and FilMelange have established one that is hard to beat, as it's made from soft Brazilian cotton which the label developed.

The dark melange Byrd 2 Sweatshirt is unequivocally matched, made from a 100% natural, ultra long-staple cotton, which incorporates 50% recycled fibres utilized on the outside, the inner is comprised of an extra soft organic cotton fleece. Not only is it made in a relaxed fit, but it's designed with raglan cut sleeves with a slightly exaggerated arch at the joint, ultimately creating nice visual lines amidst the grey. Both of these wardrobe staples are superbly comfortable, well made, built from the perfect neutral melanges to blend into a year round wardrobe, but also work well together when layered in autumn or winter.

• Article & Photography by Darian Hocking


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