Imogene + Willie

"Like all bridges, it was built for a gap in the market that Carrie and Matthew recognized they could build something special within."

Article by Darian Hocking

Imogene + Willie

I had a great conversation last week with Matthew of Imogene + Willie. We discussed life, their line and the new site release which launched over the weekend. Matthew, along with his wife and other half of I+W, focuses on cultivating an honest interaction with customers, in hopes of educating them on the components within their line.

I believe it's absolutely critical to share these motivations behind a label as well as the design/function, as they are often forgotten conversations in the world of clothing.

The story of Imogene + Willie can be found at great length on their site, but I will try to sum it up as best I can. I+W is truly a family company born out of a need to create something special. Like all bridges, it was built for a gap in the market that Carrie and Matthew recognized they could build something special within. Setting up their small business in Nashville in an old gas station from the 50's, the couple new it was the perfect location for them after having spent time in bigger cities. Matthew had a clear focus that customer service would have to be at the forefront if they were to launch a company, a concept that seems to have vaporized on a global scale within the past 10 years.

Since the inception of I+W, they have been able to present a few collaborations, most recently with J.Crew. It's interesting to hear about how these collaborations actually come into existence, the questions, the analyzing and logistics that all play an integral part in such an undertaking.

The new site houses their entire collection complete with short videos on each product, further illustrating how each piece wears in real life. I appreciate how Carrie + Matt have spoken about most of their products in the videos. They talk about the reasons each garment was made, to their love of denim and creating. I think part of the reason this label resonates with me is because you know it's been created with intent and as a way of keeping a story alive by honoring the traditions and history of the past. Some of my favorite garments are their Barton Rigid and Barton Black Denim, the James H. Chambray and Jack Utility Jacket in Tan Duck.

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