Monocle Shop-in-Shop at Unionmade


Last Thursday evening, Unionmade hosted a small gathering to celebrate their 2 month long Shop-in-Shop with one of our favorite magazines– Monocle. Monocle Founder and Editor-in-Chief Tyler Brüle was also on hand to celebrate the launch as well. I was speaking with the Unionmade Crew just before the gathering.

Unionmade and Monocle seem like a perfect match. How did this shop-in-shop partnership come about with Monocle?
Initial talks with Monocle began when Tyler and team were in town for a conference and Monocle 24 Radio show, which featured a handful of San Francisco figures and included an interview with Todd. Over a quick morning coffee with Tyler we discussed possible opportunities to work together and came upon the idea of doing a Monocle shop in shop. The hope was to create as true a recreation of a Monocle Shop as possible.

Is there a favorite item thus far from the offerings?
With so many great products it's hard to choose. We are big fans of all things paper and so love Monocle's various stationery offerings. The Monocle 24 Revo Radio is also a store favorite, being both beautifully designed and superbly functional.


• Article & Interview by Darian Hocking
• Photography by Bret Woodard for Unionmade
• Special Thanks to Spencer Lemon & Unionmade

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