Scout Seattle Field Bed 

Scout Seattle Founder & Designer Ben Masters has truly created something special with his newly launched brand. His extensive appreciation for the outdoors, camping and time spent in Boy Scouts growing up are all part of the character building that led him to launch the line. With a focus on creating functional and beautiful outdoor goods, Scout Seattle has accomplished just that with the well designed Organic Selvedge Denim & Japanese Chambray Field Bed. Ben shared with us a little about some of his inspiration on creating the perfect field bed.

"The Field Bed was born out of a love for the heavier more comfortable sleeping bags I had as a kid and the barebones ruggedness of a cowboy bed roll. It seemed like everyone had moved on from what were and are incredibly iconic and beautifully simple products. Performance and absolute functionality had become the only criteria for judging camping gear. It seemed like we could do better and create something that is still as functional and relevant as it was beautiful and true to its inspiration.

We knew right away that denim was the perfect material for the exterior, and experimented with a few different options for the interior. It really clicked when we put the red chambray in (what is currently in use). Synthetic insulation was a must if this was going to be a practical product, and in researching that we ended up learning about Climashield, a US company making synthetic insulations for the military and apparel. APEX is their most efficient offering, and it keeps the Field Bed warm down to 20ºF.

I feel like we found a really strong balance between function and beauty in this product. I'm not sure if it's nostalgia or just seeing all of that denim, but people get pretty excited when they see the Field Bed in person and manage to miss their appointments when they sleep in it. I think it has power to tell a real story (not a contrived marketing story) in the way it reminds you of your own stories and experiences camping or watching the stars in the backyard."

• 100% Cotton Italian Organic Slub Selvage Denim
• 100% Cotton Japanese Chambray Interior
• Climashield APEX® Insulation (Rated to 20ºF/-6ºC)
• #8 Antique Brass RiRi Zippers
• Two Reversible Pulls
• Natural Horween® Chromexcel® Horsehide Pulls & Tie-Down Strap
• Made in USA

• Article by Darian Hocking
• Photography by Scout Seattle

Scout Seattle Field Bed

Reader Comments (2)

I purchased this at the end of last year and it's amazing. When I'm not using it beach camping in southern CA I use it as my bed comforter. Truly amazing field bed!

February 27, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterMr Beerd

Nice sleeping roll. -- Awesome photos!

March 7, 2013 | Unregistered Commenterallswagga

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