Viberg Factory – Details


01. Horween Cordovan Service Boot, a special make-up
02. Tools of the trade
03. Inspecting brass nails on the midsole, before adding the outsole
04. Heel scouring sandpaper
05. 2021 Vibram Sole + Vibram Christy Sole
06. Eyelet Machine
07. Stretching Vamp over Midsole and around Last
08. Brass Tacks & Nails
09. Makeshift Desk
10. Shoehorns

» Everytime I visit the Viberg Factory, I end up noticing something I didn't see on a previous visit. Glen Viberg proudly carries on the day-to-day business within the factory, and is himself a tenured craftsman. You'll often find him behind a sanding machine, on a clicker or inspecting a shoe before it's boxed up for shipping. The entire factory– small and compact, is it's own little family. I thought I would share a collection of detail shots from my last couple of visits.

Viberg Factory

• Photography by Darian Hocking

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