Gentlemen's Reserve : 2011

Gentlemen's Reserve Nº1 – RECAP

For our very first pop-up market, we were extremely pleased for such an overwhelming response and to be able to meet all who came out. It's never easy trying to bring an event like this into the real world but it was well worth the growing pains based on the feedback of our attendees. Not only did we learn a lot about what customers like to see and experience when trying on clothing but we were also able to collect everyone's thoughts to make Gentlemen's Reserve Nº2 an even bigger success.

Gentlemen's Reserve Nº1 – June 2011

A Pop-Up Market is the perfect chance to invite, host and showcase some of our favorite brands, that not only represent quality and craftsmanship but also focus on telling the story behind each product. The folks who guide these brands will also be in attendance for you to meet. They are passionate about their craft and excited to be on Canadian soil. Over the last few years, we have been inspired by our American friends, who have hosted and produced similar events like this throughout the USA. In particular, New York's Pop-Up Flea, Man-Up in San Francisco and Northern GRADE in Minneapolis. We had an excellent turnout and are extremely excited for Gentlemen's Reserve in Spring 2012.

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Viberg Boot – Victoria, British Columbia
Tellason Denim – San Francisco, California
WM J Mills & Co. – Greenport, New York
Maak Soap Lab – Portland, Oregon
Barrett Alley – Dallas, Texas
Bridge & Burn – Portland, Oregon
Four Horsemen – Victoria, British Columbia
Neighbour – Vancouver, British Columbia
Archival Clothing – Eugene, Oregon
Acquired Taste Magazine – Toronto, Ontario
Furni – Montreal, Quebec
The Hill-Side – Brooklyn, New York
Antler & Co. – Portland, Oregon

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