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A Kind of Guise

Our friends at Hickoree's continue to build their stocklist and they do it well, they're able to bring together a wide mix of brands while keeping the overall feel and aesthetic very cohesive. German based brand A Kind of Guise, is one that I haven't spent too much time with but I am intrigued by nonetheless. They focus on keeping manufacturing for their brand in Germany as much as possible, though they do have some fabrics made for them in Italy. Nothing to complain about there. My favorite two from this Fall & Winter selection, are the wool blend Harlekin Jacket and the embroidered Carpathian Shirt.

"The name "A Kind of Guide" comes basically from one of my favorite movies - "The Wanderes",or more specifically from Dion DiMucci’s Soundtrack "The Wanderer". There is a part in the song that goes ‘Oh well I’m the type of guy who will never settle down. Where pretty girls are well, …". We really liked ‘type of guy’ and realized it could work for us. So we rebuilt it into ‘kind of guys’ and from there to "a kind of guise" , because we really liked the wordplay."
– Yasar of A Kind of Guise, on their brand name.

Nº1 – Harlekin Jacket
Nº2 – Stitched Pattern Jacket
Nº3 – Carpathian Shirt
Nº4 – Stitched Pattern Shirt

A Kind of Guise

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