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A Sneak Peek: Monocle's New HQ

Kenji Hall is the Tokyo Correspondent for Monocle and he is also a Regular Contributor for the Los Angeles Times. I came across a few of his recent images, taken inside the new Monocle Headquarters. If we could only pick one office to visit as a team field trip, it would definitely be this one. The building itself is exactly what I would have pictured, as well, the interior design and layout is simple– as much as you can take away from these mere glimpses. A nice mix of mid-century restoration from the flooring to the beautiful desk lamps, coupled with simple white walls and the warm use of wood throughout. Clever Monocle, very clever.

Special Thank You to Kenji Hall for today's inspiration.

Kenji Hall


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Damn, everything Monocle does is so cool. Not going to lie; if Monocle had their own brand on Kool-Aid, I would probably drink it.

June 22, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterAlley Collection

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