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Analogue/Visual: Words For Young Men

Chris Black of Done To Death Projects and Words For Young Men, is having an opening this wednesday evening at The Avant/Garde Diaries in NYC. His installation Analogue/Visual is an inspirational celebration of the profound and the profane. For those of you in and around New York City mid-week, I highly recommend you go check out this installation.

"On November 15 we assemble to send smoke signals to the cosmos letting it know we are doing just fine down here on our own. Please know your codes, those aren't distress signals, these here are different beasts entirely.
Join us in the joyous burial of irony and mediocrity under a thousand images each worth far more than their allotted thousand words. Tonight we all lick our fingertips and hoist them up to know which direction the winds are blowing down from the heavens. We'll gauge our readings. We'll fill our sails."

– Chris Black

The Avant/Garde Diaries
372 Broome Street, NYC

Words For Young Men

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