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Apolis + Handsome Coffee Roasters

Apolis and Handsome Coffee Roasters have worked together to present a beautiful collaboration which I'm looking forward to picking up. The backstory on this partnership is simple: together, they wanted to help a small community in Honduras. By working exclusively with coffee farmers in Siguatepeque Honduras, they help to create a positive impact. Another important note– Handsome Coffee roasts the beans each week in their LA coffee shop, to ensure you are purchasing a fresh batch of coffee. This is an excellent way to help a Honduran community and will set you back $25 USD.

"The Honduras Coffee Project is a collaboration between Apolis and Handsome Coffee Roasters to create a high quality coffee while providing affordable healthcare and education for the community of Siguatepeque, Honduras. The Co-op Roast coffee is meticulously roasted weekly at Handsome Coffee Roasters in Los Angeles, CA creating a cup of coffee that is clean, sweet, and easy to drink with a soft citrus finish."

Apolis + Handsome Coffee Roasters
Film: Honduras Coffee Project

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