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Atlas Edition 023

The Things We Carry. Mikael Kennedy is a traveller, talented photographer and storyteller, as well as a great friend of mine from NYC. It seemed fitting that we brought him on board, to photo document his world travels, personal gear and items that he carries on these trips. I'm thrilled to have him contribute to Free / Man through his own column, The Things We Carry. Here is his first installment in case you missed it.

The Things We Carry

NNew Balance US 574 I was initially very excited about this new program at New Balance– until I found out that they do not in fact, ship to Canada. However, its a great concept for our American friends and readers. You can fully customize your very own pair, right down to the colour of the "N" logo and the addition of embroidered characters on the heels.

Custom New Balance US 574

PPica~Post My friend James at Secret Forts just shared the newest Oi Polloi venture, Pica~Post this morning. I'm looking forward to getting my hands on one of these magazines in the near future.

Secret Forts

Good Form Good Form is a creative collective based in Vancouver BC. Led by one of our own contributors, Luis Valdizon, the team just released this mix-tape which is a tribute to Donald Glover.

Good Form

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