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Atlas Edition 024

We announced earlier this week, Gentlemen's Reserve, the Pop-Up Market we are hosting and producing for our fellow Canadians. If you don't live anywhere near Vancouver, I highly suggest you plan on making the trip. Its going to be a packed weekend with great clothing & goods, food and beverages among other special elements. Its exciting to finally bring to fruition, something I've always wanted to make happen.

Gentlemen's Reserve

I came across this film earlier in in the week, through the interwebs. Billy Reid is a very interesting man, who has been making clothing for a lot longer than he's had the recognition for. A great little piece on him.

Billy Reid at Home in Alabama

Space Camp is a fairly new, multi-functional space that's both a gallery and working studio, located in Victoria British Columbia.

Space Camp

This Berlin based company offers an expansive range of magazines and publications from around the globe. It looks a bit like a magazine addicts haven. They can also compile a selection for you based on your own personal tastes and needs.

Do You Read Me?

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