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Atlas Edition 035

I just received this collaboratively made candle by Baxter of California for the folks at Unionmade. All I have to say is, its my new favorite.

Hands On: Unionmade x Baxter of California Candle

I stumbled upon this small Brooklyn company last week. These folks have created something special with their offerings. Its such a simple concept that they execute well. A great little video taking you behind the scenes.

Brooklyn Slate Company

Kim Høltermand is a freelance architectural and landscape photographer from Denmark. His work is simply amazing. Have a peek through his site/portfolio.

Kim Høltermand Kim Høltermand

Tim Navis is an accidental photographer from Los Angeles. See below:

"Tim Navis is a Los Angeles based photographer who accidentally fell into photography. Originally a painter, he purchased a camera to photograph his paintings. After a few months of photographing paintings and other random things, he began shooting friends. Long story short, Tim has carved a niche for himself and continues to grow and learn as an artist and professional photographer."

Tim Navis

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