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Atlas Edition 042

I recently had a conversation with Christophe Hascoat about his brand Taylor Supply Co. and what's on the horizon for the evolving label. Check out the interview, then check out his webshop.

A Conversation with Christophe of Taylor Supply

Base Camp X is a small operation based in Ontario, run by Graeme Cameron, who was also the co-founder of Best Made Company. At Base Camp X, his focus is to proudly produce high quality axes and knives that you will be able to pass down to your grandson one day.

"All of the axes and blades at BCX are tested and used in conditions that ensure quality is repeatedly challenged. Snow and ice to Humid and extremely hot; function and design are put to the test on every encounter. An axe is one of the oldest tools in existence and some even argue that it is the oldest form of art known to mankind. Our axes are built to be used but there is absolutely no reason why it cannot find a home on your wall, hanging above the hearth or simply leaning up beside your desk. An axe is so versatile that it can be used to manage a forest, adorn a wall, provide heat for a home or simply start a conversation…"

Base Camp X

The Acquired Taste Magazine crew has been hard at work on preparing content for Issue 2. Chuck has a nice selection of behind the scenes imagery currently up on their blog.

Acquired Taste Magazine

Herb Lester Associates is one of my favorites for maps, guides and city companions. We will be bringing a nice selection into the shop very soon.

Herb Lester Associates

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