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Atlas Edition 044

Again, Monocle sets an example of the fact that traditional ways of news-distribution are far from dead. In a more than successful attempt, Monocle launched their 24 hour radio service covering the most interesting stories from around the globe.

Monocle 24

Andrew Mashanov is a freelance illustrator who's currently residing in Moscow, Russia. Andrew did an astounding job for Gant Rugger and his entire portfolio is most certainly one of the most refreshing compilations of work I've stumbled upon. Definitely an artist to keep an eye out for.

Andrew Mashanov

At the beginning of this month we shared some notes and photographs in our Articles section about Red Wing Shoes Amsterdam visiting the Red Wing Shoes factory in Minnesota. This interesting video was also released around that time. Have a look at this compilation shot by Joachim Baan, edited by Daan Gast and accompanied by the tunes of Tom Kok.

Red Wing Shoes Factory Visit

The second issue of the well-praised Travel Almanac is now available. Some really remarkable names appear on this issues' contribution list and considering how well put-together the first issue was, there should be no reason not to get your hands on this Autumn / Winter '11 release.

The Travel Almanac

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