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Atlas Edition 050

Southern Field Industries is based in the Saitama Hills Region of Japan, where husband and wife team Manabu and Keiko hand craft each and every component of their line. Everything is made to order, so we are extremely excited and honored to be able to carry a selection of their goods in our shop.

Free / Man Shop

Dedicated to styling and composition in cinema, Still Stile is run by my friend Riekele, who's blog has become well known for it's selection of stills of the finest movies within the classical and modern landscape of motion pictures. From The Deer Hunter to A Single Man, there is always an interesting curation of imagery on offer.

Still Stile

Tim Boelaars is a young and talented Amsterdam-based graphic designer and illustrator. He recently opened up shop and has a selection of characteristic prints available. Limited to 75 pieces per print, The Icon series is printed on 18" by 24" GF Smiths paper and hand numbered by Tim himself.

Tim Boelaars

Even though Low & Clear hasn't been released yet, it received many positive reviews during one of it's first screening at this years SXSW. This documented story evolves around two fishermen, J.T. and Xenie, who have been friends many years. Teaming up for one last fishing trip, these two friends find themselves grown apart yet more dependent then ever before.

Low and Clear

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