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Battenwear Day Pack

If one of the aspects of spring and summer that excites you the most, is the idea of getting out into the mountains or onto the beach and enjoying a good hike- then this pack from Battenwear may be your perfect companion. It will be with you wherever you must take it, braving the elements and trails without a word of complaint or any sort of fuss. It also happens to be one of the nicest day pack bags we here at Free/Man have seen in ages. Battenwear designer Shinya Hasegawa has taken the classic day pack from the 1970's and reinterpreted it within the Battenwear universe, adding details like wool shoulder pads, a durable suede bottom, a small zip pouch in the main compartment and crafting the exterior from a 100% cordura nylon. The completed product is a versatile, attractive and useful bag, one that anyone could likely find a good use for. The orange is a particularly nice option for use out on the trails, acting as double duty to help you be visible if you happen to forget your iPhone and get a little bit lost.

Battenwear Retro Day Pack

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