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Boondocker by Viberg

For those of you who remember this post back in September, Viberg Boot now has a limited availability of these Boondocker Boots- if you act fast. Made from Horween specs of an actual WWII era boondocker, the updated version is pretty much identical in all ways, but with the use of a leather outsole versus the rubber sole which was used for sand. These are beautiful boots that will wear in well. Don't be afraid to mark and scuff them up, they are built to be a workhorse and not sit pristinely in your closet. You can treat them with a water resistant oil like Dubbin to keep the water at bay.

From Horween:
"This version of the leather is designed to be used suede side out, and the back side of the leather is treated to give it a nice, level knap. By constructing the boots this way the boots could be left unlined while still having a finished, comfortable medium to contact the foot. This was particularly advantageous in North Africa, where the troops could up-end their boots to easily empty them of sand, thus greatly reducing blisters and increasing comfort."

• 110 Last
• No Box/Hard Toe
• Natural Chromexcel Rough Out Leather
• Spec'd from Horween WWII
• Leather Outsole
• Dove Tail Heel
• 7 Brown Eyelet
• Flat Wax Cotton Lace
• White Thread
• Four Row Stitch on Vamp
• Three Row Stitch Counter

Viberg Boondocker

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