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Dolbeau Samurai Selvedge Ties

It’s easy for a nice looking tie to get lost in the layers of your everyday outfit. And it doesn’t have to be floral print or some wacky texture in order to get noticed. Dolbeau has seemed to figure out the right mixture of sharp yet fun, with their new Samurai Selvedge ties. The lightweight Japanese linen fabric is perfect for warm days that you are required to rock that working man’s noose but the half selvedge, half hand rolled ends are what really catches my attention. This unique detail, though small in theory, makes a big impact when you break down the intricacies of an outfit.

Because of it's versatility, this tie could save you from many a sartorial disaster as it has the ability to take the form of a work-ready tie for that surprise visit from that one very important person that makes everyone go into a fetal position in their office– or for a casual date in which you are unsure of the dress code. This tie suits that spectrum.

• Japanese Linen
• Handcrafted and sewn individually in Canada
• Handrolled Selvedge


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