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Engineered Garments Orange Iridescent Chambray Scarf

It's not easy finding a good quality orange scarf. Not that too many people are looking but for those that are, they understand it's a difficult ask. Luckily, Engineered Garments have a little bit of a flair for the unusual, and have thus added an iridescent orange chambray scarf to their Spring/Summer 2013 lineup. While some might shy away based on the bright color, orange can quite honestly be worn with more than you'd expect and gives a nice bit of attitude to your kit in the drabber days of winter and fall. It's also light enough to be worn in summer; essentially you're getting a great piece that you can wear year-round. Cut from 100% chambray cotton and made in New York, this is definitely something I'll be considering and if you've been thinking about adding a little color to your wardrobe, you may want to take a look as well.

• Orange Iridescent Chambray Scarf
• 45 × 170cm
• 100% Cotton
• Made in New York

Engineered Garments Orange Chambray Scarf

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