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Fall Kit N°1 – Ready for Rain 

As we move into fall, it's key to have a great parka in your arsenal to stay dry when the weather starts to turn on us. Nigel Cabourn has given us one perfect fall and winter jacket option with this orange short wet weather parka. As with most Cabourn pieces, the jacket is military inspired, exceptionally detail oriented and made with the utmost of care. The parka is designed for weather protection with a handy clasp fastened hood, full drawstring adjustability, side cinches and snow flap construction on each pocket. It may be a bit of a high price point, but it will pair perfectly with just about everything you own. It pairs particularly well with this orSlow chambray work shirt, one of my favorite shirts around right now. The shirt is very simple, as with most orSlow pieces but the fabric, fit and details are pretty well perfect. The stitching, great blue buttons on the blue chambray and front pockets are worth mentioning. This shirt looks great under a jacket like the Cabourn parka, or on its own with either jeans for a blue on blue look as well, with chinos or cords. Speaking of which, these Engineered Garments Workaday cords are some of the best on the market. Workaday is Daiki Suzuki's functional basics line, with a high emphasis on quality and cut, the Workaday products are perfect for everyday casual wear or workwear. The cords pair really nicely with the recently released Nigel Cabourn x Red Wing collaborative 4618 boots, another great winter boot. As you'd expect from Cabourn or Red Wing, they're built solidly and will last you a long time as they wear in. They're one of those products that will look great when you take it out of the box, but only get better the more you beat them up. A great boot needs a great sock, so we've turned to Anonymous Ism, a relatively new Japanese sock maker. With well sourced wools, great construction and nicely chosen colors, Anonymous Ism is a great choice for your fall and winter sock needs. This kit is rounded off with a great indigo wool tie from Apolis. As a matter of fact, we here at Free / Man enjoy wearing blue on blue, which is why we've chosen the Apolis indigo wool to pair onto the chambray shirt. (The fact that orange looks great with blue doesn't hurt either.)

Nigel Cabourn Short Parka
orSlow Chambray Work Shirt
Engineered Garments Workaday Cord
Anonymousism Sock
Nigel Cabourn x Reg Wing 4618 Munson Boot
Apolis Wool Tie

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