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Fall Kit N°10 – Layers 

This weeks kit revolves around layering- a skill you'll want to build up for fall and winter to keep yourself warm, but not be stuck overheating when you get indoors. The top starts with a really great olive utility jacket from Daiki Suzuki's Engineered Garments Workaday label. The reverse sateen fabric is hefty, surprisingly weatherproof and works well as an overjacket. Olive is also a perfect layering color, as it'll go well with just about anything else in your wardrobe. This button down from Our Legacy fits nicely under it, the 1940s shirts are a regular fit shirt, dark navy will work perfectly in the layer under the olive utility jacket. The last bit of the upper layer is a waffle knit WTAPS shirt that (hah) anchors the rest of the outfit. It'll keep you warm as a good underlayer, it'll also do on its own if you overheat past the first two layers as well. WTAPS is well known for great construction and choices in fabrics, this anchor printed waffle shirt is very much a good example of their collection.

The Railcar Denim Spikes X001 is a mid-weight 13.5 Oz. denim that is cut with a straight slim fit and medium-low rise. The denim is 100% cotton, red line selvedge, and sourced from the well known Cone Mills factory in Greensboro, North Carolina, and will wear in really well over the upcoming cold months. Hefty denim ages well, and will keep you warm enough to survive with just the waffle knit shirt even when the central heating isn't working in your apartment. The socks from Chup are well known for their warmth and softness, general positives in the realm of knit socks. They're the sort of socks you'd want to have everyday, and they'll look good peeking out between your rolled up cuffs and the Viberg boots on your feet. The Viberg x New Order boots are a vintage inspired work boot cut from a rich tan suede with a camel leather tongue and a Vibram sole. As we've mentioned a few times here, the Scout boot makes a great clean and simple boot that'll look great with anything, and rounds this kit off properly. Finally, it's good to have something to carry your discarded layers and other goods around during the day, so I've included this great red tote bag from our friends at Southern Field Industries. It, like most of this kit, is going to age nicely and will keep your goods dry.

Railcar Denim X001
Engineered Garments Workaday Utility Jacket
Our Legacy 1940 Shirt
WTAPS Anchor Waffle
Chup Socks
The New Order Viberg Scout Boot
Southern Field Industries Tote

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