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Fall Kit N°12 – Comfortable Weekend

This upcoming weekend for me is all about unpacking, the only downside to moving a week ago. Connor discussed this great sweat from The Real McCoy's last week, and since I just picked it up recently, it's been getting a lot of wear. The fit is on the boxy side but the arms and length are fantastic with impeccable detailing. It's a hefty 12oz loopwheel cotton sweatshirt and the weight of it is perfect for Fall, Winter and Spring over here, making it worth the investment. I came across these Camo Ryan Trousers from Baldwin back in the Summer and it's fascinating to watch them go from a rack of product during market week, to one of the most talked about pairs of camo trousers out there right now. (Nice work Baldwin) They are comfortable and have a straight fit, perfect for different settings on the weekends or with a navy blazer and tie to the studio/office. I tend to wear my Boston's pretty much year round living in such a mild climate and in the cold weather with wool socks, but after coming across these rough out suede shoes by Aurora Shoe Co. I may need to pick them up as well. Maybe if I'm lucky, I'll get some time between unpacking and organizing to leaf through The Heritage Post magazine with a good cup of joe.

The Ryan Camo Trouser
Middle English Rough Out Shoe
Great Sweat
Reigning Champ Long Sleeve
Indigo Cable Crew
Waxed Tan Trail Cap
The Heritage Post Nº3

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