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Fall Kit N°4 – The West Coast look: Moss & Blue

As long term readers of the site will know, we like the color blue an awful lot. This week's kit actually centered around a non-blue piece, the newly released Unis Gio in moss which just happens to go extremely well with all things blue. The blue chambray tab collar shirt from Engineered Garments makes a perfect contrast to the moss chino, as blue on green tends to be a great look year round. Given the onset of miserly fall weather on Canada's West Coast this week, the button down needs a little bit of support to keep you warm, in this case from an excellent knit hat from JJJJound + Chauncey Knits and a very nicely designed and crafted vest from Inventory + Mt Rainier. Both the vest and the knit cap are, of course, blue, but will in both cases compliment the button down and the chinos. Speaking of complimenting the chinos, it's interesting to note that Unis's stores have stocked Common Projects sneakers from day one, leading to a really attractive recent collaboration. I think the white achilles sneaker looks great with the moss Gio, a position Unis founder Eunice Lee seems to agree with as she's also used the Achilles with the Moss Gio on the Unis site (note to men - if a very well known female menswear designer likes the look, it's probably a good look). Of course, no outfit from me would be complete without a pair of ridiculously comfortable Japanese-made socks, and these blue melange mix socks from Edifice are no exception. The outfit is finished off with a burgundy chromexcel leather single wrap bracelet from 3sixteen that Darian discovered this week.

JJJJound+Chauncey Hat
Mt Rainier Reversible Vest
Engineered Garments Chambray Tab Collar
Unis Gio
Edifice Sock
Common Projects Achilles
3sixteen Single Wrap Bracelet

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