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FALL KIT N°5 – Formal / Casual

A slightly more dressed up kit for you this week, but one still hardy enough to keep you warm and dry on the chillier fall days. The Engineered Garments Field Parka is one of my favorite pieces from their Fall/Winter 2012 line, which says a lot given how much I enjoy their clothes. A heavy jacket with a Nyco exterior, wool lining throughout and cordurouy lining some of the more sensitive areas, not only will this parka keep you dry but the wool and cord combination will keep you very toasty. So toasty, that you won't need a sweater under it (convenient, given how much you're paying for the jacket, better you don't have to invest in any new sweaters to match.) I've chosen the khaki option here, but its also available in olive or navy, so you'll be able to pick up whichever one suits you best.

Beneath the jacket I've placed a shirt we featured the other day, the Hamilton Shirts Commerce Plaid shirt in red. As Darian said, "I think my favorite offerings for FW12 from Hamilton are these comfortable Italian brushed cotton shirts, both in a button down and medium spread collar. The beauty with the fit of these plaid shirts, is that they are perfectly acceptable being worn with your wool suit to the office just as equally as they are when you're meeting friends for a couple of drinks in the evening." I'm inclined to agree, and I think the red would look good peeking out from under the field parka. The grey/blue brushed cotton scarf from the Hill-Side ties these two together well, as the blues sync in perfectly with both the reds of the shirt and the khaki of the jacket. Plus– it will keep your neck warm, as no one likes a cold neck.

Margaret Howell is the second of my favorite female menswear designers (Eunice Lee being the other,) and these Slim Drill Chinos in a worn deep blue are no exception in her long line of sucesses. They're a classic cut, slimmed down and crafted from a great 100% cotton fabric. The button-up rear pockets are a nice detail of these pants, which on top of being very comfortable and well made will look appropriate in a number of settings, from workplace to your favorite football team's ground. The classic navy color will also pair perfectly with almost anything you can throw at it, just another perk of wearing mostly navy clothing.

The outfit is anchored with a pair of navy White Mountaineering socks, cut from an exceptionally comfortable cotton and knit with a classic pattern that will add a nice bit of flair peeking out from under your rolled up cuffs. They'll also sit well with this great pair of oxfords from Ovadia & Sons. They're crafted in a simple and classy silhouette, and according to the designers will easily bridge the casual-formal gap (are you noticing a trend here?) I like how they've used lace hooks in combination with the typical eyelets, and how they've utilized the crepe soles– you don't often see a double crepe sole on an oxford shoe, which makes it a standout detail.

Engineered Garments Field Parka
Hamilton Shirts Commerce Plaid
MHL Slim Chino
The Hill-Side Brushed Cotton Scarf
White Mountaineering Sock
Black Flap Wallet
Ovadia & Sons Dexter Suede Oxford

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