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Fall Kit Nº5 – Friday Night Drinks

Living in Victoria means a few things are true. One, the city is littered with college/university students, fall till spring. Two, the fact that this city has a population of under 80K, there are minimal places to go for a decent beverage. When you do happen to find a spot you enjoy, it's always great to catch up with friends at the end of a long week and recharge.

"Fun" Army Shirt
All bias aside, Hickoree's is still one of my favorite online retailers. (Aside from my own shop, of course.) They have a great stocklist, and have made it even better by bringing in NY based August Fifteenth. Designer Kazushi Ota is responsible for this Fun Army shirt, the subtle mismatched olive-drab panels are some of my favorite details with this shirt.

Selvedge Hickory Stripe Pocket Square
I like the way this pocket square breaks up the darker colours in this kit. It is that simple.

1878 "Pantaloons" Jeans
The last couple of times I've hung out with Brett Viberg, he was wearing this denim. His appreciation for them, has made me want to pick up a pair. These are currently on my list right now.

Officer's Indy Boot
Alden made these Officer Indy Boots expressly for Epaulet, so that's where you will find them. Alden combined with Horween's Brown Chromexel equates the perfect all season, all scenario's boot. Seriously, wear these with everything from denim to trousers.

Indigo Wool Chore Jacket
You cannot go wrong with this Indigo Wool Chore Jacket from our friends at Apolis. This is the perfect F/W weight woolen jacket. When you get up close enough, you will notice it was woven with two types of Indigo dyed wools. Magic.

Jacquard Socks
Ah, Sunny Sports Jacquard Socks. Thanks to Nick posting "The Wonderful World of Winterized Socks" this week, that's all I've been able to think about. Typical. You may want to jump on these before they're sold out, it happens fast.

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