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Fall Kit Nº6 – I'm A Workin' Man

As of late, my job has quite literally taken over my life. I have been littered with meeting after meeting with clients and, because of that, I have to be presentable (which is not hard to accomplish. I already have devilish good looks.) Since today is Friday and I will inevitably have another client meeting, I will not sacrifice my casualness but I will make sure they notice that I have dolled up JUST for them. A “wow, aren’t you fancy for a Friday?” will suffice. The best part is that this combination transfers over into a damn good Happy Hour ensemble. Two birds with one kit.

Patch Pocket Jacket
Um, have you seen this thing? Gosh, it hurts my eyes just looking into its glory. Quite impressive, if we do say so ourselves. The Blue Island wool tweed is perfect for the upcoming weather and is permissible for almost any occasion, especially one like today. Now, if only there were SOME place you could find such a gem…

Silk Knit Polka Dot Tie
We wrote about these gents a few weeks back and we only have better things to say about them. Not only are these ties remarkable but the people behind them are just as upstanding. Can’t find a better looking, more affordable silk-knitted tie from better folks.

Ecru Oxford Shirt
It doesn’t have to be the ho-hum white oxford anymore. This off-white, ecru oxford from Hamilton 1883 is one of those shirts that will be in your closet for a while, even if you wear it twice a week. This basic necessity just became a standout and my clients better recognize.

Fair Isle Scarf
Who says you can’t throw a little fun in your fit, even if you’re meeting the CEO of a company that’s keeping your agency afloat? They will surely appreciate your sense of style and your boldness for bring fair isle into the boardroom. Yes Mr. Boss man, you are welcome for breaking the ice on this budget meeting with my dandy scarf.

Dark Brown Studded Belt
A well made belt that stands out without calling attention to itself is hard to find these days but you can always depend on Makr to be there in the clutch. Yes, they are literally holding up your trou but they are also holding up your sartorial spirit by keeping everything together. Fat shouts for that.

Selvage Stanton Denim
Oh, you thought I wasn’t going to pop into this meeting with denim on? On a Friday? You must be out of your mind. These slim raw selvage denim from Karl and crew look better than a pair of chinos and couple well with the rest of my ensemble, which is more than I can say about the monstrosity YOU have on, Mr. Client man.

Sand Suede Double Monk
And then Lawrence, Jon, and Jeremy of Run of the Mill Shop kicked open the door, sprinkled some beautiful footwear on us and had the internet going nuts. If you haven’t seen these yet, you probably don’t own a computer and should get with the 21st century. Italian-made with calfskin lining and a Dainite sole for all-weather purposes, these are the shoes I will be wearing when I seal the deal on this multi-million dollar campaign budget. Hoist me over your shoulders and hip-hip-hooray, co-workers. Then take me straight to the bar.

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