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Fall KIT N°6 – Tan

This weeks kit revolves around some solid options for layers to help keep you warm on a brisk, late fall weekend. We haven't quite hit the weather that calls for a heavy parka just yet, but there are a lot of ways to keep warm without such a heavy piece of outerwear. I've chosen this 8 Hour Union work shirt from The Real McCoy's as my base layer, then a navy cardigan from Reigning Champ, topped off with the waxed tan down vest from Archival. Though I wear the 8138's from Red Wing, I do want to pick up the slightly different 1907 model in the perfect copper and tan colour because I love the way this particular leather looks as it wears in. I also tend to wear mostly layers as they come off easily and look good when placed together; substance and texture are key ingredients in my daily kit during the Autumn & Winter. This kit would come in handy on those outdoor walks or light hikes through the woods to appreciate the changing colours of the leaves on a Saturday afternoon.

8HU Work Shirt
Chup Loimi Sock
RT Grey Caste Stanton's
Red Wing 1907 Copper Rough & Tough
Reigning Champ Navy Cardigan
Archival x Crescent Down Works Waxed Tan Vest

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