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Fall Kit N°8 – National Park Visit

This weekend promises to be sunny and chilly, so layers are a necessity when it comes to any outdoor adventure here on the coast. I'll be heading to a national park just outside of Victoria to watch the salmon run; an incredible phenomena that takes place annually from late October to early December. That being said, when you're trekking around in forest like conditions at this time of year, when you're moving you're warm and when you are standing still you get chilly fast. In case it rains, this water-resistant and lightweight packable anorak will come in handy, while also keeping the cool breeze at bay. This Tan version from Owner Operator has been the highlight of Fall/Winter Anoraks for me this year. Under the Anorak, I went with this incredible warm-up fleece zip from Batten, I seem to have developed quite a penchant for it ever since Connor picked up the Red version not long ago. Under those layers, I've added this well fitting, super comfortable henley from Merz b. Schwanen, a Berlin based brand that we will soon be offering in the shop. And they sure know how to construct a henley or t-shirt, they've been at it since 1911. To balance the kit I grounded it with these perfect, dark indigo Stanton's from Rogue Territory, which have literally been my go-to denim for the last year. I've also had my eye on these Pecos Boots from Red Wing and love the simple luxury of pull-on boots, above all other features with them. Last but not least and in case it gets extra chilly out there, you can't go wrong with a nice pair of leather gloves.

Packable Tan Anorak
Merz b. Schwanen Army Shirt
Warm Up Fleece
Red Wing #8869 Pecos Boot
RT Stanton
Goatskin Gloves

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