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Fall Kit Nº9 – Textile Associates

I'm not sure about you but here on Canada's West Coast we are beyond typical fall weather, as the temperature has dipped to a chilly 0ºC (32ºF) the last few days. Heavy Woolen Fall & Winter sweaters are excellent choices to keep in the warmth, but I'm also a fan of wearing a few shirt layers or an overshirt as I've shown with this Turmeric Moleskin Overshirt. This kit is an ideal mix of textiles to keep warm under your outerwear of choice with the Donegal Tweed trousers, wool tie, cotton moleskin, cotton twill and the heavenly– oiled Tobacco Chamois leather Blucher's.

Upon first inspection, this kit might seem a bit pattern heavy but consider the timeline of the ensemble. One moment you're walking down the street, the scarf is the bridging item that pulls together the trousers, overshirt and shoes. Now you're inside, the scarf is off, overshirt open and the blackwatch wool tie is center stage completing the combination.

DS Dundee Turmeric Moleskin Overshirt
Eaton Shirt Grey Stripe
Denim Crew Socks by Two Feet Ahead
Donegal Tweed Navy Trouser
DS Dundee Blackwatch Wool Tie
Alden Chamois Longwing Blucher
Striped Wool Blend Blanket Lining Scarf

Reader Comments (1)

Yes! Love those Hill-Side blanket lining scarves. Good looks.

November 19, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterA. Frankel

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