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Gitman Vintage Autumn/Winter 2016

Gitman Vintage has always been a staple shirting brand in our wardrobe, unsurprisingly, due in part to the craftsmanship and fit, but also because Chris Olberding is at the helm in terms of creative output and direction for the historic shirt brand. They aren't exactly new to working outside the box, in terms of being strictly committed to shirting, as they've ventured into shorts and suiting pieces in past seasons, but we're digging their Fall/Winter 2016 offerings. The Shirt Jacket is one such item, made from military nylon ripstop— this very make up ensures it's resistant to tearing or sudden downpours, along with its ultra light nature, combined to offer great layering options. Another interesting feature this season is the capsule collection of their pajama shirting, paying homage to not only the classic piece, but in fact, the actual label that preceded Gitman Vintage – Ashland Shirt & Pajama Company.

For Autumn/Winter 2016, Gitman Vintage takes to the streets outside our front door and explores the multitude of terrains and the various ways our shirting can be worn. The peripatetic mood mixes a larger central theme with smaller traditional looks to foster the idea of pushing the boundaries of our classic shirt-based collection into new frontiers.

Gitman Vintage Autumn/Winter 2016

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