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Imogene + Willie Boro Scarf

Imogene + Willie have recently released their boro scarf, a beautiful mix of recycled fabrics woven together which includes indigo-dyed and other fabric scraps they have collected over the years, especially for this project. Aside from an already solid line-up of garments each season from Imogene + Willie, I love the addition of this scarf because its both a work of art and perfect for keeping the cool breeze at bay.

"Boro is a Japanese word meaning “tattered rags.” Like early North American patchwork quilts, boro textiles reveal much about the living standards of Japanese peasant families in the late 19th-20th century. Lovingly patched and sewn using reused and recycled indigo-dyed cotton rags, each unique piece weaves together a rich, multi-generational story filled with heart and soul."

• 100% Cotton
• Patch & Sewn Construction
• Each Scarf is Unique & Different

• Dry Clean Only
• Made in Nashville

Also, make sure you head over to their blog to watch the TEDxAtlanta talk from Matt and Carrie.

Imogene + Willie Boro Scarf
TEDxAtlanta with Matt and Carrie

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