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Imogene + Willie for Dark Rye Magazine

Our friends over in Nashville at Imogene + Willie alerted us to this fantastic interview by Dark Rye Magazine. The story of Imogene + Willie from founders Matt and Carrie, is quite inspiring and extraordinarily unique– they are absolutely wonderful people who are passionate about making good quality denim. And it shows. Hearing a familiar story told through the perspective of different interviewers is always something I appreciate, as you end up learning more than you thought you knew to begin with.

“In a thoughtless, abstract world made of crap that doesn’t hold together, giant stores, huge brands, bignormous quantities and fluorescent lights, we all tend to feel a little funky, heavy—just bummed out. Know what that is? Soullessness. But it hasn’t always been this way. Where did soul go and how do we find it? For Matt and Carrie Eddmenson, the answer is simple; soul is simple. It clusters around words like thrift, craft, art, quality, small, heart, hospitality and family. Well-made things. So they started a little company called Imogene + Willie, where with denim in their blood, they make blue jeans with blue fingers that’ll make your body feel the way your grandparents love you.”

Imogene + Willie for Dark Rye Magazine

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