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In The Shop: Read's Clothing Project

With every season in the shop, I find myself becoming more particular about which items join the roster. I think it's for a couple reasons. I recognize that there are multitudes of shops out there, both online and brick + mortar existence, who seek to sell sell sell there way to whatever goal they may have. I also recognize that most of these shops carry every single item they can possibly find to increase sales of course, but also because they want a shop which is stocked full to the brim, 30 pages and 400 products later. Things are a little different for us. By continuing to offer a narrow, concise selection of clothing & goods that we wear and have experience with, our goal is to help you get dressed in quality made clothing for your investment without overwhelming you with options.

Read Wall is focused on creating a brand that he both loves and helps people at the same time. With the inception of his company came the idea to give back; for every garment sold he gives a book to a child in need. These shirts are all made in the USA, with the attention given to the details and fit. Because the fit of the shirt is on the trim side, you can wear it tucked or untuck, depending on your mood and where you are wearing it to. The higher placement of the arm opening maintains a clean aesthetic and the quality of the fabrics are visible.

• 100% Cotton
• Tailored Fit
• Locker Loop
• Corozo Buttons
• Single Button Cuff
• Single Chest Pocket
• Fabric Origin: India & Japan
• Made in the USA

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