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Kaufmann Mercantile

Sebastian Kaufmann of Brooklyn based Kaufmann Mercantile is most always on the hunt for items to be able to introduce to his customers, and often. He maintains a great line of staple offerings and enjoys being able to mix in products that are new and unknown as much as they are well made and interesting. I've spoken with him at length about his online-only shop and my admiration for his focus; he's able to bring together a great mix of products for home, work or life. These are just a few examples of the goods and wares you'll find in his shop. We highly recommend you check it out for yourself.

• Donegal Tweed Irish Wool Pocket Square
• Handmade Copper Flask
• Japanese All-Brass Pen Case
• Leather iPad Sleeve
• Weck Canning Jars
• Handmade Horn Pocket Comb
• Metal Plier Office Stapler
• Ghurka Leather Folding Snap Tray
• Japanese Cypress Wood Bath Mat
• Stronghold Hickory Stripe Apron

Kaufmann Mercantile

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