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MAN Presents: Peter Sutherland

Tonight MAN Presents the opening of Peter Sutherland's show, Colorado Snowstorm. If you find yourself in or around the NYC area this evening, come by the show from 6-8pm and enjoy a beverage with us. All proceeds from the sales of the show are going directly to the "Fresh Air" Fund, here in New York City.

"If I had to make a title for the show I guess it would be "Colorado snowstorm". You can see that the post card in the show is all blank, as many of the references are based on an early 90's ski trip. I like the look of the ski equipment from that time. The rocks can symbolize cliffs and extreme terrain while the ice is for the days that it doesn't snow. I tried to bring an element of fashion with the hats and blankets as well– I am good friends with Romain and Antoine and this was a great opportunity to work wih them and perhaps raise some money for in the process."

MAN NYC Presents: Peter Sutherland
775 Washington Street
Tuesday January 22, 2013

MAN Show

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