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Marrkt: Eddie Bauer x Nigel Cabourn

In just a few minutes, the next winter stock and sample sale through Marrkt will be launching, in case you haven't yet had the chance to sign up. Marrkt is an interesting concept that runs every two weeks and is lead by our friend Lewis Hull of Superdenim. Lewis collects deadstock and sample pieces from select brands inventory and sells it at a very reasonable price; sometimes the items are from a few seasons back which is good news if you feel as though you may have missed that one piece you were set on. Or maybe you'll find something you didn't even know existed. Regardless, this sale will be the last from the Cabourn camp for a while and features a niec selection of garments from the Nigel Cabourn x Eddie Bauer collection. Get ready.

"Marrkt has been created to work with the best brands to clear deadstock and sample pieces from their inventory. We recognise products of timeless design and quality, much more than just one season in the fashion calendar. It is these products that Marrkt will offer to our customers at the most competitive price."

To take advantage of the impending sale, head on over to marrkt to sign up.


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