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Monitaly Vacation Shirt

For the third short sleeve pattern shirt in this series of posts, I present you with this red pine print from Monitaly. In case you are unfamiliar, Monitaly is a project that's led and designed by Yuki Matsuda, the same mastermind behind Yuketen. I like the cut of this shirt for a few reasons. The straight cut of the hem is a nice alternate, making it perfect for being untucked. As well, the length of the sleeves allows for a cuff or roll without looking ridiculously short. All of my shirts have at least one chest pocket, so I'm quite happy to see the dual chest pockets on this shirt; I need somewhere to keep my glasses or sunglasses. Nice job Monitaly. Oh yeah, its also on sale right now at Rooney Shop.

"Every Stitch has a Soul"

• Red Pine Print
• Chest Pocket
• 100% Cotton
• Pearl Buttons
• Locker Loop
• Regular Fit
• Made in USA.

Monitaly Vacation Shirt

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