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Monocle 24 : The Stack

For anyone who has an interest in print media, Monocle's new radio venture has put together a weekly show based on discussions about print, graphic design, distribution of print, and print media culture. Hosted by Monocle founder Tyler Brûlé, the Stack typically features a mix of guests brought in to discuss a couple of selected topics, as well as a number of magazines or publications each guest brings in themselves. "We firmly believe that print media needs more air time, and the Stack has been developed to explore the best in periodicals, niche journals and newspapers, after the sucess of our weekly magazine review in another Monocle 24 programme we decided we should spin it off into its own stand-alone format. Every week we'll talk to people from around the world who are pushing this sector forward and challenging the media landscape." says Brule in regards to The Stack. The Stack celebrates print media for all its eccentricities, the challenges and sucesses of startups, the glossy coffee table bi-annuals and the newspapers that have lasted generations.

The Stack

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