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Moving Mountains – Summit Nesting Tables

I came across the work of Syrette Lew, who runs the studio Moving Mountains out of Brooklyn, while reading the most recent issue of Dwell, and found her well designed Summit Nesting Tables. Working with a mix of fabricators and and local craftsman, her studio is based around creating furniture and its own line of accessories, incorporating forms around ideas like design, art, and fashion.

Nesting tables can be a tough sell when they have no real design connection to the user as most big box furniture makers attempt, but the Summit Nesting Tables are completely perfect and altogether quite unique. You can stack them to build a summit installation, use them singularly in and around your home or office space, or leave them nested and build a simple plateau. What I enjoy about the design of these solid ash tables, is the lack of hardware and the clever use of wood at the apex of the legs meeting the table, it's visually interesting and creates a sturdy joint for to support your home wares, books, plant life while also creating a quick and easy perch.

"The name Moving Mountains is both an allusion and tribute to the Hawaiian archipelago and its imperceptible movement northwestward. In fact, all mountains are moving on this planet but the Hawaiian Islands are possibly the most explicit example of this geological phenomena."

Moving Mountains – Summit Nesting Tables

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