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Nigel Cabourn Wool Knit Cap

As you may know, you lose most of your body heat through your head so come winter, you'll want to be sure you've got yourself covered up to keep toasty. Luckily, the goods folks at End in Newcastle have us quite literally covered with these great ribbed Shetland wool knit caps from Nigel Cabourn. Available in either Chestnut, Ash, Oak or Army, they're crafted in the UK and in typical Cabourn fashion, are built to last for many seasons to come. Having recently gotten my hands on one (thanks End) I can fully attest that this is a really well made and designed knit cap. It's kept me warm, comfortable and cozy as the Vancouver skies have completely opened up– I definitely recommend it.

• Rib Knit
• 100% Wool Construction
• Double Roll Brim
• Branded Leather Tab
• Made in England
• Extremely Limited Numbers

Nigel Cabourn Wool Knit Cap

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