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Noted: Tender Double Cuff

William Kroll of Tender Co. has become a good friend of mine over the last couple of years. It's exciting to watch a friends both brand grow and evolve, especially when he has created such uniquely exceptional products. I highly suggest you familiarize yourself with the way he creates his hand dyed selvedge denim, the process of woad dyeing shirts and the intricate details that go into the chore coat– just to start.

The Tender Double Cuff is something he has fostered for quite some time, and it's a method I use as well. Some guys hem their denim to have little to no break, while others simply roll the excess length, which doesn't always stay in place. William explains a little about the Tender Double Cuff for you.

"The Tender Co double cuff allows more control over the length and depth of cuff, relative to how much you want to shorten your pants, to a regular cuff. Also it lets you show the hem of the jeans, which on Tender's jeans is double folded and lock-stitched, showing a little fringe of unbleached weft yarns. On a practical level, this type of cuff is less likely to roll down than a regular turn-up, as it's not a simple roll. Finally, I read a story once that cowboys on the prairie didn't want to throw cigarette butts away, as they might cause a wildfire. Instead while they were riding they'd put the cigarette out in their jeans cuff, using it as an ash tray. I like to think that the Tender double cuff is substantial enough that it could put up with this without the fabric burning through!"


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