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Now in Stock: Rogue Territory 12.5OZ Stantons

Truth be told, I spend a great deal of time field testing the clothing that is available in the shop for you. I've spent many, many years submerged in the retail landscape and was never satisfied with the end result of the products I worked with. When I decided to open the Free Man Shop, I wanted to make sure that I always present hard wearing, well-made clothing and goods that hold up to your investment. For our first installment from Rogue Territory, I chose the Mid-Rise 12.5OZ Stanton's.

The small team who leads Rogue Territory, have carved out a niche for themselves over the last couple of years. Karl Thoennessen has maintained a solid and unique approach when it comes to creating products according to the Rogue Territory code of ethics. Keep the Trade Alive.

"Rogue Territory is built on our obsession with denim.
We channel our passion and our expertise in handmade goods into everything that we create. In the Rogue Territory Workshop, we work tirelessly to keep the trade of handcrafted goods alive. The workshop is a tribute to American manufacturers of the early 20th century, when clothing was built to last and attention was placed not only on the quality of the materials, but also on the construction of the garment."

The new lighter weight 12.5OZ Indigo Dyed Japanese Selvedge Denim is now available in the shop for you. Expect the rich, inky indigo to bleed a bit when you first start to break them in. Before you know it, they'll become one of your new favorites.

Rogue Territory 12.5OZ Stanton

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The Rogue Territory 12.5OZ Stantons rocks! how much is the price? and what colors available? thank you.

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