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NYC Type

Recently, I was lucky enough to stumble upon NYC Type, a really neat collection of photographs taken by photographer Luke Connolly, to demonstrate the variety of typefaces found around New York City. Connoly has started a website to collect his works showing what he views as interesting typography from neighborhoods around each of the five boroughs. NYC is one of the most diverse and interesting cities in the world, and the type faces represented demonstrate some of the great varied narrative that is New York.

Interestingly, a second party led by designer Matthew Anderson is launching a similar site, which will be documenting the varied type experience to be found in New York City. It will also be the first iteration of a new digital platform called Voyagr that allows niche interest groups such as this to collectively explore, document, and share photographic content, in this case typography.

"The vision is to build a platform for multi-dimensional storytelling online. We are fascinated with the role typography plays in the city, as are many others. There are blogs and Flickr groups on the topic, but sites that truly respect the content — and add to its worth over time — are missing. We are re-envisioning what a platform like this can be, and are creating something that is easy to use, educational and fun." Project Designer Matthew Anderson

NYC Type

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