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Paris – 4493 Frames

Talented Canadian born photographer Liam Goslett, was on assignment in Paris to cover Spring/Summer 2013 fashion week. As you may or may not know, this isn't the first film showcasing his photography. His images do a great job at capturing all of the street style details during fashion week in some of the top cities across the globe. I asked Liam to share a little about how this film concept came to life.

"The original idea for the video (the first one) came from two partial thoughts. The first came from me sitting in my friends hotel room. We were flipping through photos and I really liked the way everything looked when I scrolled through the days shots as fast as I could. I turned to my friend and said, "Maybe I should make a video out of this" and he said, "Go for it, would you post it?" "Nah, probably not. I doubt it'd do much."
I didn't move on the idea for a while. A couple weeks later, I realized it would be way easier, organization wise, if I clipped everything together in chronological order. I put markers over the different shows so that when I wanted to look for some selects, I could just flip over to whichever show I wanted to pull from. I started speeding it up faster and faster and cut it down to about five minutes. I still wasn't really going to do anything to it.
One night I couldn't sleep, so I reopened it and cut it to some music. I put it on Vimeo and sent it to a friend. It was about 11pm. She was insistent on me posting it, so I figured it couldn't hurt. I put it up, logged off and threw some cartoons on. Next morning, I woke up completely inundated with activity on my feeds. People telling me they were watching it in their office and throwing out compliments left and right. I was pretty bewildered by the whole thing."

Liam Saw This

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Brillaint - I'm just launching men's accessories range with Pocket Square and Scarves and was looking at a newe way of having a showcase... would you mind? We're in the UK!
Well & Truly

July 17, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterSean

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