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Perfumer H by Cereal

To coincide with the release of Cereal Magazine's 11th issue, the team have captured a glimpse into Perfumer H, by perfumer Lyn Harris. This film captures the subdued and elegant space located in London’s Marylebone area, while sharing with us some of her thoughts, experiences and inspiring passion for what she does. The quiet and gentle art of perfumery is intriguing and perfectly calming; watching the process of creating the bottles and dusting the imprinted label with gold adds another level of appreciation for the concept of handcrafted.

"As part of Cereal volume 11, we produced a short film that introduces you to perfumer Lyn Harris and her London shop – Perfumer H.
In the intimate, jewel toned atelier of Perfumer H, hand blown, coloured glass fragrance bottles line the shelves, taking centre stage. This is a retail concept that comprises a working laboratory and shop and it is where Lyn Harris creates her scents."

FILM: Perfumer H by Cereal

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